What a Year in College Taught Me

It’s been a bumpy ride, consisting of both ups and downs. There were a lot of setbacks that I do not think would be appropriate sharing on this blog. Things that mattered a year ago no longer matter to me. On the inside, I feel like a different person. My perspective of the world shifted towards the positive. I experienced more growth as a human being in the last year than in the previous 6 years combined. Coming into a normal school from being homeschooled for 4 years was certainly a shock, and I was so terrified that in the beginning, I thought of taking online classes again. However, I did not and now that I look back, I am very thankful.


  1. People Don’t Really Care

Everyone goes about their day, dealing with their own personal world. They simply have no time or desire to get into your business. You can surely talk to people in your class, and maybe make new friends, but most of the time as soon as the semester is over, so are the people.

  1. People are different. Much more different than I thought.

I will admit. I have very minimal social skills. I often find myself not knowing how to act around others. It puts me in an awkward situation and makes me look like an antisocial person. I learned a lot about myself being surrounded by people. Although it is still a struggle to structure myself in such a way that is socially acceptable, I am learning and becoming aware of the things that I do need to change. It is an exciting and painful process.


  1. Not everyone will hold your hand

Talking to counselors felt quite pointless. There was simply not enough time to go over what you actually want to do with life, and getting more appointments doesn’t change anything. I learned that I am in charge of my own plan. You have to know what you want before you ask to get it. Although this may be quite obvious to someone in a different situation, it wasn’t to me.

  1. Sometimes the world of beliefs you hold in your mind no longer serves you

That is the moment you let go because there is no way to push forward with unnecessary things weighing you down. Clean out your mind, tie those trash bags and throw them out. That is what I did, and still, am doing. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

  1. Don’t be afraid to talk to people.  


If you’re struggling with something, let someone know. I am grateful for meeting probably the best professor I’ll ever have, so don’t be shy. Talk to people. This is something I’m still learning.

  1. Something I cannot put into words

There is possibly no way to get down to every little detail of what happened. All I can say is, a lot happened and in order to truly understand, you must live through it. In the end, my experience can be summed up in gratitude. I am grateful.





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