Dear Future Me

I hope you do something that inspires you from head to toe. I know you will not settle for anything that is less than perfect, I know you won’t settle for something that doesn’t make your heart sing. I can trust you to make great decisions, I can trust you to have fun, smile, laugh, be a little wild but have enough wit to walk on the road you find right. I cannot tell you to do this or that because I am always changing and I don’t know what will satisfy you in twenty years. You and I will be different, enough to be twins. Alike but not the same.
Maybe you’ll wake up one day and remember the day you were 16 with a dream to travel, to run free in the fields. To be unchained. Maybe you’ll be what you wanted at 16, maybe you’ll be what I want now, or maybe you’ll settle for what you want then. I hope it makes sense for you, and I hope you mature enough to know what’s best for us. Remember that it’s never too late to do something for the first time. Remember that it’s fun to have fun and that you must have fun. To wake up and know that you’re happy and at peace within your very soul. To know that you’ve done your best each night before you go to bed. To wake up and look forward to something. To create, live, believe, eat, pray and of course, love.b4d76d26d9a8ba6d7f324f19852abd76.jpg
Guilty pleasures do not exist. You only have less than 100 years to do anything and everything, and pleasures are never guilty. Thoughts are not you, and fears should never be your driving force. Stay connected to you, your wholeness. Stay true to yourself, look in the mirror and know that despite the things that went wrong, you’ve been true. You have you. You have you, and you have others. Love yourself, completely. Everything and anything. Take risks, sometimes the scariest things are the best things. It’s okay to not know where you’ll end up, or what the next 5 seconds, 5 months, or 5 years will hold for you.

You’re only a human, and you can do so much. D R e a m b I G! So big it makes the sky look small. Dream so big there is no space for anything else. Then plan. Breathe it, live it. Plan it, do it. Go after it until you can’t run anymore, then walk, then crawl. Keep going. Judge only with the joy that is within you. Be pure. Be real. Don’t filter yourself. Be love. Be Happiness. Be whatever you want. You only have to rediscover, you only have to remember. RE-MEMBER.

Be whatever it is you want, it’s been you the whole time anyway.

Love, love, love most deeply,


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