Limiting Your World by Defining it| a letter

A letter to someone important.



Saying that something is good or bad is placing limitation and cutting the idea or thing from what it could be. This includes people. If something is bad, it is not good. Can it be good if it is already limited to what is? Not in that moment, because it is already what you labeled it, and it will remain that thing until you change it.

I just shut my eyes and tried to calm down. I was feeling unsettled because my body feels weak and it is bothering me. I closed my eyes, took a breath and thought, “Everything is good.”
I was suddenly calmer and more centered. However, a few seconds later I realized that I had placed a limitation on what could be. Instead, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and thought, “Everything is.”
Everything just is, as it should be, in harmony and chaos. It is everything that is.

It is in the same way that you do not say “I’m so happy” and instead say, “I’m happy.” because ‘so’ means that being happy could be less or more. But you know that it just is.

Defining things, like saying, “I’m infinitely special” means that you are somehow more than what is. However, you just are. You are nothing, and once you realize what nothing is, you will feel like everything. Because everything just is and has nothing to do with good or bad. It is a concept created by humans. Defining something as good or bad cannot be said from a universal or bigger perspective because things just are. Once you go beyond seeing it on screen and actually feeling it inside, the chains of defining have been lifted, and now you are free to be everything.82a6cc86d952d00c46e920a7e4214a62.jpg

“Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.” ~Karen Maezen Miller

When you don’t accept things as they are, you are creating a battle. In that battle, you can only go up against the flow of the river. It becomes a struggle. However, once you just accept as it is, then you will be able to flow naturally and easily. It becomes freedom. When you stop struggling, you float.

“Babe, it’s sad that mom lost her grandmother. She will be missed because she brought so much love into our lives. But it’s neither bad nor is it good. It just is. Because that’s what happens in life.”

-Bob Miglani

It doesn’t mean that it is no longer valuable or the thing has no meaning. In fact, it’s the opposite, it becomes the most beautiful and the clearest thing in life.

When you put a label on something, you become sad and spend too much time trying to decide between good and bad. It’s like the cat and dog thing. Even though many people might hold this idea in mind, but cats and dogs aren’t the opposite of each other. They just are. They are a world of their own.

Flowers don’t compare themselves, they just bloom.

It is nothing, it is everything, it just is. The world is not black or white, it is the colors in between. 

art-blue-boy-boys-favim-com-3434752If you want to discuss infinity, then you will know the answer by looking into this subject. “IS” is infinity, because it just is, and something that just is cannot be something else. It “IS” infinity in two letters.

You need to try to see that if you stop defining and labeling situations, thoughts, people, relationships, events, then you will be freed from the burden of good and bad. It is in the same way that my world was at some point chaos, and I could not understand it at all. However, once I had calmed the war within my mind, my relationship to what is seen has also been softened. The war was over.

And again,

“Flowers don’t compare themselves, they just bloom.”




9 thoughts on “Limiting Your World by Defining it| a letter

  1. Winter says:

    Wow, I’m loving reading all the articles about letting go. Such great timing, especially since I wrote one about letting go this week too. Love the syhrnconicity + feels like it’s a message to me to say that “it is okay to let go”. Will breathe more + let go. Thanks for posting this Jess! XOJia Ni recently posted..

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  2. says:

    I would not like to be a lizard. Human beings can experience many diffrent kind of feelings like pleasure, pain, happiness, sympathy,self reflection which make life richer. It is possible to be free from all negative feelings. This possibility makes life a wonderful journey. Let us not think about the whole of humanity. We cannot change others but a great possibility exists in those who desire to come out of the prison.

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