Vegan Junk Food Guide

Veganism is a great way to help yourself, animals, and the planet. People tend to believe that veganism is extreme and difficult, however, it is very easy once you get into the right mindset. This post is directed at Vegan junk foods, and you’d be surprised at the amount of food you can eat. You don’t even have to go out, just click on the image and order online or scroll down to the bottom of this post.
Cheers to this short post.


1. Nutter Butter:

If you never had one of these, you’re missing out. It is a peanut butter heaven in a cookie. Sweet smelling, it so great with tea. Give it a try.


Crunchy, salty, and deliciously satisfying.

Keebler Vienna Fingers:

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (Unfrosted Varieties):

Any of the Pop Tarts Unfrosted is good to eat! They are so delicious, especially toasted!


Honestly, there is no cookie as great as Oreo. Dip them into any plant-based milk of your choice and you have just created the recipe for FIREWORKS in your mouth. Yum!

Nestle Nesquick Syrup:

Add this to plant-based milk, and you’ve got yourself chocolate milk.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls:


I love adding peanut butter or Hershey’s chocolate syrup to this. This is honestly such a quick and easy thing to bake.

THE LIST will continue to go beyond anything I can list into just one blog post, but that is why I urge you to go to this page: Accidentally Vegan Food List 

Amazon PRIME NOW; have it now. 

If you want to have any of the foods on this page, or in the link above, but don’t really want to go out, you can always get it on Amazon Prime Now. You’ll get a delivery within 2 hours of your purchase, and you can buy ANYTHING! This is a blessing to all the introverts out there.

I always purchase things on Prime, and there are more vegan options there. You can simply type “Vegan” in the search bar of the app and you’ll be given a range of things from Pizza to Cream Cheese.

You can try it free for 30 days with the link below!Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial




21 thoughts on “Vegan Junk Food Guide

  1. Kat Savage says:

    I did not realise pop tarts were vegan. I’ll have to check them out in Australia (sometimes products are manufactured differently in different countries, for example I think oreos in Britain aren’t vegan).


    • Leatrice says:

      Yesss, a Steve Boylan.I wonder how the director of the CIA offended The Prof?Or perhaps simply diderascd a dark porpoise served, like a crunched tin can. Discarded and fickly ruined as a lesson to other vassals.

      Liked by 1 person

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