On loving yourself. 

We come across this topic quite often but never do we truly focus on it in depth. 

The reason we have wars, the reason there is cruelty not only to our fellow humans but to those who are much weaker, such as animals, is because we don’t love ourselves. 

“How do you know this?” You ask. 

I should probably shrug at this one, keep my mouth shut and let you go on and live your life with those precious eyes shut. Lucky for you, I won’t. 

I know because I hated myself most of my life and that didn’t workout too well for me so I decided to love. 

I was at war with myself and therefore I was at war with the world because the way I perceived the world was the way I was. My world was the war. 

That leads me to the question. 

Are there so many problems in this world because of one simple fact? The answer is more than likely yes. 

The moment I began to change, began to love, is the moment the war within my mind came to a pause and finally ended. It was the moment that the world outside myself was quiet and beautiful and never violent. 

The problem, my dear reader, is not the people, it isn’t the planet. No, not even your parents or bullies. 

The problem has always been in you, 

And luckily, the solution is too. 

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