Happy New {School} Year!

Everyone has been rather excited for the new school year. I can tell by the many blog posts I’ve been reading. Mostly, they come from seniors like myself. Of course, we are all waking up to the harsh reality of the world and how we must all grow up. This school year is another chance for everyone to get good grades, so I have decided to put a little list of all the must haves!
#1: I have purchased the sharpie clear view highlighters myself, and I must say, they are lightweight and really helpful. Highlighting things is important, andm002303124_sc7 it’s really necessary to hold onto that newly found information. I would rather flip through the book or through my personal notes and find the important facts faster rather than later.
#2 Post-it sticky notes are also important. What happens when you cannot highlight that text in the book…well you have a post-it note. You can easily return to that information without having to worry about ruining your books.
#3 A set of colorful and fun (or not) folders.
Folders are really important and are there so you can easily access your single-page notes. Folders are not expensive but will keep you in good shape in the long run. Buy a folder for everyone of your classes and keep your notes handy. One day you will have a test and these notes will save you.
#4  A planner
If your school doesn’t already provide you with planners, don’t fall into a crisis. There are so many amazing planners out there in the world and not having a il_570xN.490801265_5tutschool provided planner could sometimes only be good. Planners are important to keep you constantly on top of your game. What is next week on Thursday? That’s right, your big English test, and without the planner, who would have remembered? Keep a planner and your life would be under control.
#5 Composition Notebooks
Buy lots of them. These notebooks are important and you must have them for every class. There are plenty of reasons but they are mydesk12-alt14_xlgalso very obvious. You must keep writing and writing…also get cute ones. It’s never too bad to stalk up on these.
Shopping for school supplies is honestly one of the most exciting part of the year, the rest is just hard work. I wish everyone an amazing and stress-free school year (ha ha!)
Question: Would you rather be onlineschooled (like me, k12 by the way) or go to a traditional school?

7 thoughts on “Happy New {School} Year!

  1. FibroMan says:

    I have had mixed feeling about going back to school this semester. I have been able to get lots of research done over the summer but I am also excited about going back to the university.


  2. skynimbus says:

    Oh, I’m definitely going to buy a planner! However, I think I don’t need to, because my phone has all those planning apps. But, maybe this is what I need to push me through the year and keep me on top!
    I usually underline the text with pencil, and if there are different points in the same paragraph, I do different things; draw a darker line, make a box around the most important line, etc.
    Great list!


  3. Quiana says:

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  4. Minerva says:

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